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chess for kids

Chess is possibly the most seen tabletop game - ever. It has been by and large revered and played across the world for a seriously lengthy timespan, and has stirred one of the most notable Netflix series' lately: The Queen's Gambit.

How to Battle Clash of Clans Bots and Reign Supreme | Chess for Kids

 Battle The New Clash of Clans Bots on! | Chess for kids


Sound the war drums, chess enthusiasts! has introduced an exciting new challenge that combines the strategy of chess with the fantasy world of Clash of Clans. Get ready to embark on a chess adventure like no other as we introduce you to the Clash of Clans Chess Bots. πŸ›‘️🏰

Chapter 1: Clash of Clans Chess Bots - A Fantasy Crossover

In the heart of the chess universe, a magical portal has opened, bringing forth warriors from the Clash of Clans realm. From brainless Barbarians to the mighty Archer Queen, these formidable foes are here to test your chess skills in a whole new way.

Chapter 2: Prepare for Battle - Meet the Bots

Barbarian (Playing Strength: 300) 

The iconic Barbarian may lack brains, but he makes up for it with a massive sword and bulging muscles! πŸ’ͺ

Giant (Playing Strength: 500)

Meet the Giant, a living siege tower who prefers knuckle dusters when he's in the mood for a brawl. ⚔️

Goblin (Playing Strength: 700)

Goblins are known for their love of sharp, pointy things and gold that isn't theirs. Beware their cunning tactics! πŸ’°

Valkyrie (Playing Strength: 1000)

Valkyrie wields her two-handed axe with ease and is always up for a challenge, whether it's arm wrestling Golems or downing Elixir after battle. πŸ’₯

Hog Rider (Playing Strength: 1200)

Nothing stands between a Hog Rider and his Hog! This duo delivers swift pain with a massive hammer. πŸ–πŸ”¨

Witch (Playing Strength: 1500)

The Witch is the mistress of darkness, adored by all Skeletons. Don't be fooled by her appearance; she's a big softie if you're made of bones! ☠️

Wizard (Playing Strength: 1900)

When he's not performing magic tricks, the Wizard casts massive fireballs and defends villages from his tower. πŸ§™‍♂️πŸ”₯

P.E.K.K.A. (Playing Strength: 2200)

P.E.K.K.A. was created for war, but this unfeeling machine of destruction has a soft spot for tiny butterflies. πŸ¦‹πŸ’₯

Archer Queen (Playing Strength: 2900)

The Archer Queen is a skilled tactician, deadly in combat, and boasts a loyal following ready to join her in battle. πŸΉπŸ‘‘

Chapter 3: Unleash Your Inner General

Are you ready to take on these Clash of Clans Chess Bots? Prepare your army, devise cunning strategies, and challenge these fantastic foes in a custom chessboard and piece set inspired by Clash of Clans. But remember, they won't be here for long! The Clash of Clans bots will be gone by the end of the month, so don't miss your chance to test your chess prowess against them.

Conclusion: has once again pushed the boundaries of chess entertainment by bringing the Clash of Clans world into the chess arena. It's a unique opportunity to merge strategy, fantasy, and skill, all on the 64 squares of a chessboard. So, assemble your troops, sharpen your tactics, and embark on this exciting chess adventure today! πŸŒŸπŸ‘‘ #ChessForKids #ClashOfClansChessBots



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