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Chess is possibly the most seen tabletop game - ever. It has been by and large revered and played across the world for a seriously lengthy timespan, and has stirred one of the most notable Netflix series' lately: The Queen's Gambit.

Kerala - Cuba, Che International Chess Festival 2023

Che International Chess Festival, organized jointly by Kerala and Cuba, to be held in Thiruvananthapuram

The Grand Opening: A Symphony of Minds and Cultures πŸŽ‰

Imagine the gentle rustle of the palm trees in the serene backwaters of Thiruvananthapuram, a whisper that soon transforms into the animated conversations of chess aficionados from around the world. The air is thick with anticipation as the city readies itself for a chess festival like no other – the Kerala - Cuba Che International Chess Festival.

In this grand meeting of minds, we're not just celebrating a game; we're commemorating a legacy. The name Che Guevara resonates with revolutionary spirit and intellectual prowess, qualities that embody the very essence of chess.

As the festival commences on November 16 at the Jimmy George Stadium πŸ“…

The inaugural ceremony promises to be a spectacle of cultural amalgamation, where the Cuban chess maestros will engage in a simultaneous chess ballet against 64 young geniuses from the land of spices.

Day by day, the festival unfolds like a well-crafted game of chess itself – strategic, exhilarating, and brimming with surprise moves.

As the sun casts its first golden rays on the horizon, the city of Thiruvananthapuram awakens to an event that's about to engrave its name in the annals of chess history. The Kerala - Cuba Che International Chess Festival, an event that stands as a testament to the time-honored game of strategy and intellect, is poised to commence.

In the Jimmy George Stadium, the air is charged with excitement. At 3 PM, the grand opening ceremony unfurls like the first move of a grandmaster – deliberate, majestic, and filled with promise. The four Cuban chess masters, ambassadors of a land where chess is not just a pastime but a passion, take their places. Across from them, 64 young prodigies from Kerala, their eyes wide with anticipation, sit ready to engage in the noble art of simul chess. Their hands might be small, but their dreams are as vast as the ocean that bridges Kerala and Cuba.

Kerala - Cuba, Che International Chess Festival 2023

Kerala - Cuba Che International Chess Festival 2023 Program Chart πŸ“…

Day Date Venue Events
Day 1 16 November 2023 Jimmy George Stadium - Opening ceremony at 3 PM πŸŽ‰
- 4 Cuban chess masters play simul chess against 64 talented kids from Kerala. ♟️
- Children's Chess Tournament πŸ†
Day 2 17 November 2023 Hyatt Regency - Cuba vs Kerala Rapid Chess Match (Morning & Evening) ♖
- Kerala team:
1. GM S L Narayanan ♔
2. IM Jubin Jimmy ♕
3. FM Gautam Krishna ♗
4. WIM Nimmi AG ♘
Day 3 18 November 2023 Hyatt Regency - Cuba vs Kerala Blitz Match (Morning) ♗
- IM Saravanan's Chess Coaching Session ♙
Day 4 19 November 2023 Hyatt Regency - GM RB. Chess coaching session by Ramesh (morning and evening) ♔
Day 5 20 November 2023 Hyatt Regency - GM Pragnananda vs GM Nihal Sarin (Rapid & Blitz Match) Morning ♖
- Simul chess match between Pragnananda and 16 selected children from Kerala (Afternoon) ♟️
- Simul Chess Competition between Nihal Sarin and 16 selected children from Kerala ♟️
- Ceremony to honor prominent chess players πŸ†
Qualification Eligible for Dates Additional Information
District Curtain Raiser Tournament Champions, U15 & U19 State Champions 20/11 Eligible for TA/DA from the government.
2nd & 3rd place in District Curtain Raiser Tournaments, U15 & U19 State Championships 16/11 & 17/11 No TA/DA provided.
District Under 15 & Under 19 Champions 18/11 & 19/11 No TA/DA provided. Food will be provided during the sessions.

Note: Travel, stay, and other expenses are to be borne by the participants. U15 and U19 qualifiers do not receive any TA/DA. Withdrawal after payment results in the amount being shared with other players in the same category and district.

A caution deposit of 500 is required to confirm participation, refundable upon attendance.

Day of Rapid Moves and Cultural Ties

The festival's second day dawns with the intensity of a king's gambit. The prestigious Hyatt Regency becomes a battleground where strategy and speed intertwine in the Rapid Chess Match. Kerala's own Grandmaster S L Narayanan, International Master Jubin Jimmy, FIDE Master Gautam Krishna, and Woman International Master Nimmi A G, each a beacon of the state's chess prowess, ready themselves for a day of swift moves and sharper wits.

The Chess Coaching Chronicles

As the festival progresses, the wisdom of yesteryear's champions is imparted to the eager minds of today. IM Saravanan's Chess Coaching Session on the third day is not merely a transfer of knowledge but a rite of passage for many aspiring chess maestros of Kerala.

Mentorship and Mastery

November 19th unveils a session that many await with bated breath – GM R.B. Ramesh's chess coaching. A maestro who has shaped the careers of chess luminaries like Pragnanandhaa and Vaishali, Ramesh's insights are not just lessons in chess but in life itself.

Chess is not just a game. It is a language that transcends borders, says Pragnanandhaa, reflecting on the festival's spirit of unity. πŸ—£️

The Grand Finale: A Legacy in the Making

The final day of the festival brings with it a clash akin to the epics of yore – GM Pragnanandhaa versus GM Nihal Sarin in a Rapid & Blitz Match. The very air seems to vibrate with the energy of the oncoming duel. In the afternoon, the baton passes to the next generation as Pragnanandhaa and Nihal Sarin engage in simul chess matches with the future of Kerala's chess, the chosen sixteen.

Curtain Raiser Champions: The Pride of Kerala

The festival also shines a spotlight on the young champions of the Curtain Raiser tournament, who have earned their place to match wits with the Grandmasters. The top three boys and girls from each district step forward not just as players, but as harbingers of the bright future of chess in Kerala.

Honoring the Torchbearers

On this day, a special ceremony will celebrate the luminaries of the chess world. Here, the champions and the dedicated are honored, their achievements a beacon for all who follow.

A Meeting of Minds and Hearts

This festival is more than a series of games. It's a confluence of cultures, a bridge built of 64 squares, where every move is a dialogue, every strategy a story. It's a narrative woven from the threads of Kerala's rich heritage and Cuba's vibrant legacy, played out on the chessboard.



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